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Greater Moncton Concrete specialists provide high quality results to all projects as we believe Moncton, NB to be beautiful, therefore our work should be as well.

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Concrete Hot Tub Pad Services

Greater Moncton Concrete specializes in the installation of hot tub concrete platforms. Our team ensures that the concrete foundation can support the weight of the hot tub, water, and people using it. Designed with durability in mind it and can endure for an extended time without requiring repairs or replacements.

Benefits and Process

Concrete platforms provide many benefits, and they can prevent insects from causing harm to your hot tub and protect against water damage by acting as a moisture barrier. When you hire us, we begin with an initial consultation to assess the area, take measurements, and provide a cost estimate.

Next will be excavation. We remove any unwanted materials and prepare the site for the concrete pour. To create a base for the concrete to cure, we construct forms. Once the concrete has been poured, we ensure that any reinforcing steel is in place to maintain the concrete’s strength and support. After the concrete has been set, we clean the area and remove the forms and any other debris.

If you are considering having a concrete pad for your hot tub in Moncton, New Brunswick, we encourage you to work with us as our skills and experience to provide superior concrete pouring, placement, and finishing services is second to none.

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Stamped Concrete Porch

Concrete Hot Tub Pad Gallery

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our concrete veranda projects to observe the quality of our work. Our gallery is filled with examples of our work, providing ideas and inspiration for your next endeavor. Whether you require a simple concrete footing or something more decorative, we have the skills and experience to realize your vision.

Hot Tub Pad
Interlocking Brick Hot Tub Pad
Exposed Aggregate Hot Tub Pad

Decorative Concrete

Our team of experts at Greater Moncton Concrete has the knowledge and experience required to deliver a durable, high-quality concrete hot tub pad with fantastic decorative options available.

Exposed Aggregate

We add coarse aggregate to the surface of a concrete hot tub pad after pouring or mix it in before the pour, providing excellent durability and skid resistance.

Stamped Concrete

Get the look of stone or brick without the high cost. Our experts can imprint a range of patterns and shapes onto the surface of a just-poured concrete hot tub pad.

Coloured Concrete

Transform your concrete hot tub pad into a beautiful, decorative floor treatment by adding colour. Our experts will help you pick the perfect shade for your home.

Finishing Options

Our team of experts will work with you to select the best finish for your project and ensure that your concrete hot tub pad is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Broom Finish

The broom finish not only creates traction, but it also adds a subtle texture and a rustic look to the concrete surface.

Float Finish

Level, compact, and smooth the surface of the concrete using a float either as the final finish or in preparation for other finishes.